Our Charter

Evergreen Life - Securely Connecting People Knowledge and Information for Better Healthcare

  1. Evergreen Life powered by i-Patient is software that securely connects you with your GP Practice so that you may:
    • Book and handle appointments online
    • Request regular prescriptions
    • Use secure messaging
    • Securely view your medical records
  2. Evergreen Life is a software tool to enable you to view the medical data stored about you by your GP Practice. We do not process or store your medical data and we cannot view it Your medical data is controlled by your GP Practice.
  3. The only personal information we may hold is your name and email address so that we can handle transactional operations and requests from you.
  4. We rarely use cookies except to enable your sessions on the Evergreen Life website and to stop you receiving repeated messages that you have seen before. Most of these cookies are deleted when you finish each session. We do not use cookies to gather or store personal information about you.
  5. The Evergreen Life website stores no personal data thus minimising the risk of others viewing your data
  6. During moments of transit when you are actively connected to your GP Practice we use industry standard SSL-encryption
  7. We are required to adhere to strict policies set out by the Health & Social Care Information Centre whose duty is to ensure that patient data remains confidential

For more information see our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.